Cisco Partner Summit 2016 Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Google Global Partner Summit 2014

Google Global Partner Summit 2014.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Introduction

What is AWS? -IaaS -Compute -Storage -Networking -Database -DNS -Global Data Centers AWS vs. Linode/ Digital Ocean -IaaS vs. VPS Benefits of AWS ...

Cisco Jabber: Use Jabber 11.5 on Your Android Wearable

Learn to use Jabber 11.5 on your Android Wear, from start to finish. For more tips and tutorials, go to

Cisco CE8 software In-Room Control demo

Cisco CE8.2 codec software brings in-room control widgets to Touch10 panel. This demo shows how to handle in-room control events on Raspberry Pi.

Cisco Spark Demo

World Wide Technology demonstrates Cisco's new communication and collaboration tool Spark!

Cisco Instant-Connect Mobile Client for Android on the Cisco DX-650

The Android and iOS Instant-Connect Mobile Clients demonstrated with the Cisco DX-650 phone; the "Consolette" replacement that makes phone calls and ...

Launch: Delivering Extreme App Coverage Ericsson launches new software, Networks Software 16A, ...

[ATM16] Wrap up: Day 2

Dominic Orr, SVP and GM of Aruba, and Chris Kozup, VP of Marketing, wrap up day 2 of Atmosphere in Las Vegas. Dominic talks about Aruba's focus on ...

Speaker Track 60 Fun

Fish and Robert play with the new Cisco Speaker Track 60. New toy for the CPOC lab.

Google I/O 2016 - Day 3 Track 1

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